Thomas Willoughby is a human being desperate for people to read his stupid opinions about nothingness. Here he tries to write about video games somewhat regularly, in an attempt to gain notoriety in some form. He would like a job where someone gets him to write about things, so hit him up in the contact bit if you want to pay him. We caught up with Thomas, and discussed his life, his motivations, what he hopes to achieve from this venture.

Hello Thomas Willoughby

Hello, Thomas Willoughby

How are you?

I’m cold, more than anything. You?

Yes, I’m ok. I understand you’re launching a video games website?

Yes that’s correct. It’s called yetanothergamingblog, and it’s going to be the internet’s favourite place when it comes to my opinions about video games.

Do you really think the internet needs another white boy spewing his opinions about video games?

Woah, take it easy man. I just want somewhere to talk about video games, and as no one will hire me, this is the second best option right now.

Ok sorry, you’re right. So, why video games? Why now?

Well why not? I like video games, you like video games, I often have things to say, and the 140 characters on twitter really limits what I can do in one go.

Why not make YouTube videos? That’s what all the cool kids who want to get noticed do?

I’m sure they do, I’m just not good on a camera. I’ve always loved writing, and I really think I’m good at writing, so.

Bit arrogant, mate

I’m literally asking myself these questions, why am I such a tough interviewer?

Good point. If you were so good, why aren’t you doing this professionally?

Jeez man, come on

Sorry, sorry. So what’s gonna be up on this thing?

Yeah so features and reviews, mainly. I’d like to cover some events, but my bread and butter is opinions, so I’m gonna do that.

So talk me through video games

What…all of them? What?


…right. Well, I’ve been playing video games since I was about 6 years old, first game I properly played was Donkey Kong Country, but I’ve been hooked ever since. Nintendo is my first love, but I tend to spend most of my time on *another* console, previously the Xbox 360, now the PS4.

Where can people find you?

I’m @willo290592 on twitter. You can email me at, also.

Thanks for stopping by, Thomas. All the best with this…thing.

Yeah…no worries

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